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I will zero in for the most part on the navbar related records to make this post short and helpful. You can in any case discover the source code toward the finish of the article.

How about we currently get hands messy by thinking of some code.

As you can see, here we have a simple component that receives the props element. This last is the reference of the element that will fire the sticky effect later on the scrolling.

By the way, here I use destructuring to pull out the element. If you want too, you can use props.stickyRef.

Now, let’s move on to the next file and create the navigation bar skeleton.

This is a test post to check to automate posting

Hello, This is a test post run by us to verify our work. we are an automation company, who works to make people life easy. We automate people’s tasks from social media to everywhere. When you post on one social media account it will automatically be posted on all.